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Gay Men's Therapy Group

I plan to start a gay men’s therapy group as soon as I have enough participants. 


Ideally, I would like 6 to 8 members, but, that said, I would start with 4 and add others later.

It will be a closed group that would meet for an indefinite time. Topics would arise out of the group rather than me imposing topics without group input. 

I will charge $50 per session.

Gay men need a supportive community more than ever. Trump has not come after us yet, although he has tried to take away the rights of transgender people. If he came to the conclusion that his base wanted him to take away the rights of gay men, he would sell us out in a minute.  Pence wouldn’t have to change positions. He is already as homophobic as they come. Remember when Trump once remarked that Pence would like to see us all dead?

Supportive connections make us stronger. If a gay men’s therapy group would appeal to your desire and need for authentic community, please feel free to contact me.