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Feeling run down, exhausted, or depressed after the holidays?

So the holidays are officially over.  Perhaps you have made some New Year’s resolutions to improve your life.  You may have thought about finding a therapist to help you resolve personal issues that weren’t so evident with all the distractions, starting with Halloween and ending with New Year’s Day.  Maybe you're a creative and you feel stuck in a corporate job and you're wondering if therapy for artists could help. Or you're a gay man in a relationship and feeling like you might need some counseling to help you thru a bumpy time. You may also have had questions  like, “Gee, how much will that cost?"  or “Do I really need someone else to help me solve my problems?”


The reality is that it is sometimes difficult to go beyond oneself by oneself.  If you think of psychotherapy as being an investment in yourself instead of an unnecessary expense, the prospect of engaging with a supportive therapist may start seeming like an attractive option.

Engaging with a therapist who relates to you as an equal can give you the experience of healthy interdependence, practice for a loving relationship and solid friendships. If you need to dissolve blocks to furthering your career, you may end up more financially secure in a career you are genuinely passionate about.  If you need help coming out or are questioning your sexual identity, the supportive ear of a trained therapist can be a tremendous asset.

These are difficult times. As we begin 2018, we are all uncertain whether our democracy will survive and thrive again. It is important to maintain our ability to support ourselves and to engage in mutual support with whoever is important to us in our lives. There is beautiful Japanese saying: Kyo Zon Kyo Ei  — Together we live; together we prosper.     

Psychotherapy can provide the ground for this endeavor.