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Digital Overuse

Is technology negatively affecting your life?

  • Is overuse of technology causing your life to become out of balance?
  • Are you depressed and anxious about the amount of time you waste online?
  • Do you use your smartphone to avoid those feelings?
  • Do you have difficulty being present with your thoughts, experiences, and sensations?
  • Is being present in the moment too painful? 
  • Do you dread being cut off form the online world?
  • Do you seek out online “friends” instead of actual friends?
  • Do you feel disengaged from yourself and others?
  • Do you become involved in chronic checking and feel that you are not able to stop?
  • Is the hunt, the chase, the thrill more compelling than actually getting what you want?

You can learn how becoming more grateful, compassionate, and connected, and lead a more meaningful life. You can enhance your emotional well-being, increase your happiness, and improve your physical health. You can restore your capacity to be in the present moment, whether the present moment is pleasant or not.

If you would like a trial session, we can schedule an appointment together. I will ask you to pay for that appointment only if you schedule a second appointment.

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